Early Drug Development Group

Our preclinical and clinical operation structures rely on an interdisciplinary group of medical oncologists, pharmacologists and molecular biology experts with extensive experience in preclinical studies and clinical trials. We are capable of offering professional services covering all stages of your R&D program, to establish an attractive route to the clinic in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.
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Optimize, Innovate, Collaborate
We support medtech and biotech start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, investment fund groups and academic organizations in oncology to foster their R&D programs in a time- and cost-effective manner.
  Assistance on preclinical, pharmacological and CMC approaches, regulatory strategies and Phase I clinical trials in oncology.
  Broad capabilities in preclinical, pharmacokinetic and radiopharmacology studies to guide clinical development.
  Advice on the reliability and feasibility of reported preclinical and clinical data.
  Management and execution of an efficient R&D program in oncology.


Our strength relies on an interdisciplinary team of medical oncologists, pharmacologists and molecular biology experts with unparalleled experience in non-clinical and clinical trial studies.


We are interdisciplinary research group of medical oncologists, pharmacologists and molecular biology experts. We have performed several drug development programs with more than 20 companies -ranging from small biotech to the largest pharma companies- for the evaluation of over 20 different leads (at least 8 first-in-man) in oncology, covering both small molecules and monoclonal antibodies.   Over the last years, we have established a long-standing network of trusted partner companies and world-class investigators experienced in early drug development and cancer research in oncology and immunology. This enable us to offer an attractive route to the clinic optimized in terms of time and costs.

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  •   1 Place Paul Verlaine 92100. France
  •   e2dg.contact@e2dg.com.


AACR Virtual Annual Meeting 2020

June, 2020.
Don't miss the opportunity to cover the latest discoveries in cancer science and medicine.  To get more information on this conference, follow this link.

Virtual BioEurope Spring

March 23-27, 2020.
Don't miss the opportunity to meet our team to discuss your project in oncology during BioSpring Conference!
To get more information on this conference
follow this link.

Nanoparticle-based delivery and combinatorial therapies for cancer

Posted on December 18, 2019.
The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) awards the Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Group (IOR, Switzerland) headed by Prof. Carlo Catapano, the Department of Chemistry, Center for Life Sciences and Technologies (Bogazici University, Turkey) directed by Prof. Rana Sanyal and Early Drug Development Group (E2DG, France) for the project “Nanoparticle-based delivery and combinatorial therapies for cancer.

Accelerating the drug discovery process

December 12, 2019.
Our CSO, Dr. Riveiro Maria Eugenia will discuss the last improvements made in drug development with other international experts from academia and pharmaceutical companies during the conference "Accelerating the drug discovery process".
To get more information follow this link.

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