E2DG preclinical and clinical operations structure relies on an interdisciplinary group of medical oncologists, pharmacologists and molecular biology experts with extensive experience in preclinical studies and clinical trials. We are capable of offering professional services covering all stages of your R&D program, to establish an attractive route to the clinic in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.

Why Early Drug Development Group?


With strong preclinical and pharmacological capabilities and experienced medical input, we offer professional assistance on drug development approaches, lead positioning, design of clinical studies and regulatory strategies to maximize the chance of your project success in oncology.


By combining our medical and scientific expertise with cutting edge technologies, we can provide efficient, affordable and innovative solutions to guide life science companies through lead optimization to Phase I clinical trials.

We improve the productivity of the drug development process relying on trustworthy preclinical data, short timelines and appropriate decisions for drug positioning in the clinical setting in oncology.


Collaboration with Early Drug Development Group will improve your resources
investment and strengthen your early drug development program.

Member of

The Immunotherapy network.


Pôle de compétitivité mondial des technologies innovantes pour la santé et les nouvelles thérapies. http://medicen.org/



L’association française des Sociétés de Services et d’Innovation pour les Sciences de la Vie. http://www.afssi.fr/