Early Drug Development Group

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E2DG is specialized in the early stage development of new molecules and target-oriented compounds in oncology, onco-hematology and immunology.

With strong preclinical and pharmacological capabilities, broad expertise on the early development and experienced medical imput, we offer professional assistance on drug development approaches, lead positioning, design of clinical studies and regulatory strategies to maximize the chance of project success. 


We optimize and accelerate your R&D programs, based on our drug positioning-oriented philosophy.


Ensure fast, efficient and cost-effective development plan of novel promising molecules and target-oriented compounds

Optimize, initiate and perform a full-blown drug development program

Assistance on drug development approaches and regulatory strategies FOR FDA/EMEA APPROVAL

Broad capabilities in non-clinical studies to guide clinical development.

Perform clinical Phase I study design and trial implementation

Due diligence on drug candidates including chemistry, molecular pharmacology, ADME/PK, CMC areas

Advice on the reliability and feasibility of previous preclinical and clinical data reported for A lead

ADVICE FOR lead positioning based on evolving patterns of cancer treatments

By focusing on high-quality scientific research, medical expertise, flexibility and responsiveness, our services are designed to help our worldwide customers to shorten the time and lower the cost of their R&D programs through efficient outsourcing solutions and appropriate decisions for drug positioning in the clinical setting